Construction, Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

EDMS Australia’s engineering, procurement, construction and management workforce provides the capability to undertake technical and challenging turn-key construction and maintenance projects. Our advantage is EDMS Australia’s rapid pack site work system, strong trades base and ability to respond fast. 

EDMS Australia’s construction, installation, repair and maintenance capabilities include: 

  • Shutdown works
  • Boiler refurbishment, maintenance and repairs
  • Co–Generation plants, design & construction (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical & Piping)
  • Pressure vessels and piping
  • Installation of large tanks and bins
  • Installation of heavy mechanical equipment
  • Installation of capital project works (greenfield & brownfield sites)
  • Site maintenance works
  • Demolition and asbestos removal
  • Rail wagon commissioning
  • Sugar cane delivery systems (Bin extractors, Tipplers, Cane carriers)

Fabrication and Construction Services

The EDMS Townsville Fabrication and Construction Division has a comprehensively equipped General Engineering workshop with competent and experienced tradespersons capable of handling a wide variety of projects: 

  • General Fabrication
  • On–site Demolition and Installation of Plant and Equipment
  • Large Industrial Boiler Rehabilitation and Restoration

Townsville Workshop Fabrication Capability

In addition to an extensive inventory of hand tools, the workshop has the capacity to:

• Machine up to 2oomm dia 8oomm long shafting
• Drill 1oomm steel plate
• Roll up to 12mm thick 2.4 m wide mild steel plate, 25mm thick up to 5oomm width
• Roll preformed section up to 1oomm square
• Punch up to 32mm dia in 2omm mild steel plate
• Press 8mm mild steel plate up to 24oomm wide

Larger items and specialist services such as water jet and laser cutting are sent to our network of local machining contractors.


Asbestos Demolition and Removal

EDMS Australia is licensed by the Queensland Division of Workplace Health and Safety to carry out Asbestos Demolition and Removal works, providing EDMS Australia the capability to support our projects which contain asbestos products without the need to engage an additional contractor.

  • Friable asbestos-containing material
  • bonded asbestos
  • Industrial boiler refractory and insulation
  • Pipe work lagging and gaskets
  • Plant control room and building roofing, insulation and sheeting
  • Transport and disposal