Defence Support

EDMS provides engineering and technical support for various Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Platforms including LEEUWIN, PALUMA and ARMIDALE Class vessels and holds Design Authority (DA) delegation from Defence Service Contractors for Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering.

We are experienced in delivering high-quality products in accordance with ABR 6492 Defence Regulatory Framework, Defence Standards and Instructions, and Publications in accordance with DEF(AUST) 5629B.

Our capabilities include:

  • Systems engineering, design and integration (Mechanical & Electrical)
  • Technical Investigations and Reports (TIR)
  • Engineering Assessments and Reports (EAR)
  • Preliminary Design and Reports (PDR)
  • Detail Design Packages (DDP)
  • Physical Configuration Audits (PCA)
  • Fabrication, shipboard installation and acceptance testing
  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) development and update, including publication authoring and amendments, technical maintenance documentation, maintenance procedures and set–to–work instructions.

The EDMS Engineering Team are directly involved with the detail design, testing and trials, follow on support and in–service support of the LEEUWIN Class Hydrographic Survey Ships, PALUMA Class Survey Motor Launches and FANTOME Class Survey Motor Boats.

Engineering Support - Navy Flier