Mechanical Engineering

EDMS is an established EPCM Company providing Engineering services to our Fabrication and Construction Division for Sugar Milling, Resource and Manufacturing Industries.

  • Steel chimney stacks
  • Pressure vessels
  • Above ground storage tanks
  • Hoppers
  • Rain tray condensers
  • Evaporators and pans
  • Flash vessels
  • Steam and process piping systems
  • Belt conveyors, transfer towers and chutes
  • Gantry cranes, davits and lifting devices
  • Bin pushers, tipplers and spotters
  • Process tanks
  • Slat Conveyors

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Marine Infrastructure

Marina and Port Infrastructure

EDMS have extensive experience in the design and fabrication of pontoons and gangway systems for private, industrial and commercial applications.

Slipway Infrastructure

EDMS provide infrastructure planning, engineering design, drafting and manufacturing support and inspection services for slipway infrastructure including slipway facilities, winching and haulage systems, slipping beams and cradles, travelling ship lifts and cyclone anchorage systems.

Infrastructure and Tourism

EDMS continually develops and positions its resources to be an innovative Tropical North Queensland leader in construction, engineering design, project management, technical support, inspection services and detail design drafting for Infrastructure and Tourism projects. Our projects include:

  • Pedestrian bridges and walkways
  • The Human Hamster Wheel award winning Eco–Tourism attraction
  • Patron waiting facilities
  • Canopy treehouses with interconnecting ziplines
  • Zipstop zipline infrastructure
  • Ferry passenger wait areas and pontoons.
  • School playground child and cyclone proof sun shelters
  • Architectural features and installations
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Our Cairns based Design Office and Townsville Fabrication and Construction facility are well placed to deliver local solutions and support for your next project.